Some places that advertise firewood may mislead you by Forest King Log Splitter a bond of copse while alone affairs you a atom of a cord.

How can this be? There are two altered takes on what makes a bond of wood. There is a accurate bond of wood, which (as mentioned in the introduction) is 4' top x 8' continued x 4' abysmal and equals a absolute of 128 cubic anxiety of ammunition for your fire. Then there are face cords, which aren't absolutely cords at all.

Face cords are about 4' x 8' x 18", which agency they're absolutely giving you beneath than a bisected cord. A abounding bond of copse should be at atomic two or three endless of firewood (one abaft another) that are 4-feet top and 8-feet long.

That adds up to be a above aberration in the bulk of firewood you're in fact accepting for your money. Because there are a lot of places that do this, you're bigger off advance in your own Log Splitter and agreeable your own cords of copse to ensure you're accepting what you need. Not alone can you get added firewood for beneath cost, you can advertise the added firewood in abounding cords to others who are annoyed of accepting swindled.