CNSuperpower Log Splitter provides a full range of log splitters from home, cottage and industrial use.

This is another product of the log splitter which is used to cut the long wood with the help of gas power and it is known as the gas log splitter. This is a very old method for cutting of long wood with the help of gas. This is very useful for the user to cut the wood without any kind of help from other peoples. During the ancient age people use only this kind of method to cut the wood from the long trees because this kind of method is cheap and efficient for the user.


Average assembly time is under 35 minutes
Accommodates splitting in both horizontal and vertical position
Square log cradle for quicker, easier and safer splitting
Powerful trouble free Kohler Engine
Full beam design
Available with Kohler Engine, LCT Engine and Rato Engine

This is one of the best product which is based on the gas to cut the long and big wood and it is so attractive product that the user is get attract from it. Gas is the main part of the product as if gas it is not there then the product cannot work. This gas wood splitters also have so many feature that makes this product so impressive and those features are, first we talk about the size of the Champion Power Equipment No.92221 and it is calculated as the 44.7 x 19.5 x 14 inches which is very big in size and it was not so movable product. The user has to keep the product on one place, now we talk about the weight of the gas powered log splitter are 143.3 pound and that is very much heavy product and it is very difficult for one person to carry this product.

Now we are going to talk about the performance of the product and it was noticed that it can cut 22 ton wood in one cycle time and one cycle time is calculated to 14 second. That means this can cut 22 ton wood in just 14 seconds. Now we are going to discuss about the engine of the Champion Power Equipment No.92221 then it has 196 CC including with OHV Engine which also include the cast Iron sleeve, which help the product to give power. It also has some more features that are it has 2 stages hydraulic pump and also it has 11 GPM. It also have Towable trailer which include 2 ball hitches also. And if we talk about the tires of the product then it is DOT approved tyres. The company gives 1 year warranty to the user so that if there is any kind of problem then China Log Splitter easily solve without investing any kind of money.