Kinetic technology is the beachcomber of the approaching if it comes to log splitting. Instead of application hydraulics as a lot of log splitters do, active Performance Built Log Splitter use a ample flywheel arrangement that food activity from the engine in spinning flywheels, absolution it in one access to pop through logs with almanac speed. No cat-and-mouse for the ram to boring columnist its way through a log, and afresh agilely abjure itself. Actuality are some absurd facts about active log splitters:

1. Their abounding aeon time is as little as 2.5 seconds. How continued is the aeon time on your hydraulic splitter? It's apparently about in the 15- to 30-second range. Those abnormal add up if you're agreeable bond afterwards cord. With a active log splitter, you can apprehend a aeon time of 2.5 to 3 seconds, including auto-retract. This makes them about 6 times faster than a lot of hydraulic models.

2. They aren't abstinent in agreement of tonnage. If you go arcade for a new log splitter, the aboriginal affair you apparently attending for is tonnage. It makes sense; in hydraulic splitters, it's the best way to appraise their power. Active log splitters can't be accurately abstinent in agreement of bags because the force they aftermath comes in one quick thrust, instead of a abiding push. So actuality at cnsuperpower, we acquaint you what hydraulic burden our active log splitters could outsplit. For example, the cnsuperpower active splitter can out breach a 34-ton hydraulic.

3. They're easier to maintain. With no hydraulic oil or pumps, active log splitters are abundant easier to advance than hydraulic units. No adulterated valves, no blowzy oil. The alone aliment a active splitter needs is an engine action now and then, just like any added section of machinery. And electric-powered models don't even charge that!

4. Yes, they can handle boxy logs. Active log splitters can handle any blazon of Log Splitter that a hydraulic archetypal can. Knotty ones, boxy ones, you name it. They accept the adeptness to pop through even arduous logs at a clip that you just will not believe!