One of the most attractive things about manual Log Splitter is their accompanying price tag. There’s no real need to shop budget with these beasties, as even the best come in at comfortably low price tag that won’t break the bank.

They also are far safer than using an axe to split wood, as well as taking the time out of this back-breaking task. That is, of course, provided that you take the time to find one with a robust and solid construction that will not warp, bend or split. Log Splitter make downsizing your wood- weather for craft projects or the fireplace- a walk in the park, by using a wedge and brute force to drive through the log load.

Some manual splitters will allow you to adjust the size of the wedge used, while others will not. While manual log splitters can be slow next to powered ones, they can also be more convenient, and at budget friendly pricing are a great way to harness convenience. Most use a 2 stroke pump design to quickly build up to maximum splitting pressure, and take a load off of your back without taking a load out of your wallet too.

They’re great for the occasional user, someone simply looking to boost their own cutting abilities, or those Performance Built Log Splitter who need budget portability over speed and road-towability.