CNSuperpower Log Splitter provides a full range of log splitters from home, cottage and industrial use.

Electric or combustion


Petrol and diesel log splitters are generally more powerful than electric models, and since they don’t require to be plugged in, you can use them far out in the field. However, since they emit toxic fumes, you must not use them indoors. There, an electric model is your only option. But don’t despair if you were planning to split tough hardwood in the shed. Today, there are electric splitters that give you the power previously only offered by petrol and diesel models – and they are a lot quieter than combustion engines, enabling you to work indoors without waking up the rest of the family.

Horizontal or vertical


petrol log splitter

Keeping in mind that hardwood is a lot denser – and therefore heavier – than softwood, if you will be splitting logs that are relatively easy to lift, you can use a horizontal log splitter. This is also a good option if you will be working on an incline, where logs will not stay upright for vertical splitters. If you’ll be splitting very large logs, however, you will probably have to use a splitter model that can be operated vertically. With a vertical ram, the log stays on the ground; you simply stand it up on the base plate and split it. Of course, in addition to fixed-plane models, there are splitters that can be operated vertically as well as horizontally, giving you the best of both worlds.

Log size

Aside from their capacity to split wood of varying degrees of hardness, splitters are built do deal with a certain range of log lengths and diameters. Simply make sure that the splitter of your choice can handle the log sizes that you will be feeding it.

Hydraulic system


15 tonne petrol log splitter

Log splitters use a hydraulic pump to push logs into a wedge, splitting them through the use of force rather than by using impact and speed like when you swing an axe. We’re talking about very high pressures that put high demands on all components in the hydraulic system. Oil leaks are a known problem in many splitter models, sometimes causing irreparable damage to the motor. Make sure that you choose a model that features heavy-duty hydraulics, and remember that a quality oil filtration system will decrease the frequency of required maintenance.

Split cycle time


12 tonne electric log splitter

The split cycle time is the time it takes for the ram to travel to the log; split it; and return to its original position. So, if you will be splitting a lot of wood, choose a model with a short split cycle. And consider using an accessory four-way wedge to produce kindling and medium-sized pieces with every pass instead of having to split each log three times.



7 tonne electric log splitter

Whether you’re only going to roll the splitter a short distance or tow it for miles on the open road, make sure that it can be moved effortlessly. Quality splitters feature wheels and handles appropriate to the kind of work they are built for. Of course, if you do need a towable splitter, also ensure that it adheres to Australian coupling and connection standards and will pass a roadworthy inspection.


Log splitters are safe tools, if used correctly. Nevertheless, you should only purchase splitters that offer Australian standard dual redundancy, meaning that both of your hands have to be kept away from the wedge in order for the ram to move. (Also avoid wearing any flappy clothing or loosely hanging objects when working with a splitter, and use goggles and gloves to protect yourself against splinters.)


50 tonne diesel log splitter

Working height

The height of lightweight splitters is not of major importance as they can be placed on any table that suits your very needs, but heavier splitters should offer worktables at an ergonomic height. You may also wish to consider splitters that feature removable or adjustable worktables. Either way, make sure that your chosen model offers a worktable large enough to deal with the logs that you will be splitting.


Log splitters should be able to take a beating. To last over time, they should feature a solid steel frame and a reinforced splitting head.