Choosing the ideal splitter for your use is really important in order to make most advantage of this tool. For a quality tool, you need to make sure that it has all the key features of a best Log Splitter. In this part we have shared some of the basic considerations that you must keep in to account while selecting a splitter.

Convenience Features

It should be easy to move

You may need to move your log splitter from one place to another in order to keep it safe after use. A bulky splitter without portability features would be difficult to move. So you must look for splitter that has wheels so it can be transferred with ease.

Some may need to be towed so in that case look for ball hitch feature that enables careful and safe towing with ease. Having a transport handle would be additional advantage that makes transferring even easier.

It should be comfortable for use

Many splitters are now offered with stands that can easily raise the tool without needing you to bend. Another convenience feature that makes handling easier is an ergonomic rubber handle. So even if you will be using this tool for extended period, you will find it most convenient to use.

Adjustable height for varied sizes

Splitters are capable of dealing with different sizes of logs and thus having a log plate for height adjusted is an important feature. This gives you faster and simpler guided operation. Usually splitters are offered with three position height adjustment plates but some may have two. Some vertical style tools also have clamps that make handling of log easier.

Performance Features

It should have a powerful motor: For log splitting, you need to deal with different tough as well as wet wood and thus your tool should have power to deal with all these different types of logs. Depending upon your requirement, if you will be dealing with toughest woods you must have a splitter with enough power to deal with it. Factors that must be considered include horsepower, amps, force etc.

Splitters are long term investments: In order to ensure reliable use for years to come, you should opt for a splitter with durable all steel construction. Buying such a tool is not an everyday task but is an investment for long term so make sure you buy something that would work well for many years.

It should have quicker cycles: A splitter that has quicker cycle time would give you higher productivity in reduced time. A reasonable cycle time is around 15 seconds. Log splitter reviews suggest that ones with faster cycle time will give you increased number of logs splatted.

Your splitter must be capable of handling larger diameters and length: The larger wood size and diameter your splitter can accept (larger capacity); the more work you can get done with your tool. It is best to choose splitter that is capable of handling length of 20 inches and diameter of 12 inches. However some high-end more powerful splitters can even handle 25 inches size.

Consider warranties: Best log splitters can give you extended warranties however a reasonable one should have at least 1 year of warranty.

Splitter should be from a reliable manufacturer: Make sure that your log splitter is from a reliable well-known manufacturer with a sound background and reviews.

Check reviews and ratings: Once you select a particular type and model of splitter, make sure you check its ratings and reviews. You can get feedbacks about a particular tool online and the information you gain from these feedbacks would surely prove beneficial for China Log Splitter making a decision.