There is an ever increasing demand for cheaper methods of heating the home over the last few years as the cost of oil and gas climbs higher and higher. This has increased the popularity of wood burners and open fires and, of course, burning Forest King Log Splitter is much more environmentally friendly so we can save the polar bears.

As a result the log splitter is becoming an essential machine for those households that have these installed in their homes.

Now it is all very well doing the macho thing with an axe to show off the bulging, gleaming muscles, but it’s not that safe, especially for those of us who are accident prone and would end up burying an axe in their foot! So using a log splitter is the easy and safest option to split timber.

There is an array of machinery to choose from and the following should help you in making the correct choice for what you need for your circumstances and at the right price bracket. Most machines are mains electric but as they get more powerful and are asked to split heavier material, petrol engines are used to power the units. All machines, whether petrol or electric, have to be operated by both hands so that even idiots cannot get their fingers trapped between the ram and the timber. The way these machines work is that the timber is positioned on the machine between a V shaped metal plate and the ram, which is a moveable arm operated hydraulically so that when the machine is started, this arm moves along the bed of the splitter forcing the timber onto the V shaped plate and splits it. Most machines have this V shape but some have a multi-directional splitting ability (cnsuperpower), so you won’t have to split the log over and over again.

With some machines the ram is adjustable, which does save a lot of time, as it can be adjusted so that it doesn’t have to travel so far on the bed of the machine. Very handy if time is of the essence. All these little benefits are explained in the description of the log splitters, so please study the specifications carefully to make the right choice.

It is also better to burn Log Splitter once they have been split and weathered outside as burning wet timber is annoying and wasteful. To weather your logs they should be left outside exposed to the sun and wind for at least six months and not stacked in a big pile as you will not get the airflow that is needed to weather them. Stack carefully making sure that they are in sunlight and that the wind can blow through and remove the moisture from the timber. If it makes you feel better to cover the top of the stack, do it, but I personally don’t like chasing tarpaulins across the county that have blown off! Ideal time is to split and stack early spring so that it is ready for October time.